Beer Bloggin’

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome to my blog, todays topic…BEER, The sweet nectar, the elixir of life, God’s Golden Gift. Now either you love the stuff or you absolutely can’t stand it. There does sit a somewhat in-between but that area is just for those who drink it because it’s cheap and is essential for many party drinking games. Like many, I started off hating beer, it was too heavy, too thick and just made me feel ugh. I started with apple cider, mostly because it had a close resemblance to apple juice and I couldn’t get enough of that. Apple cider was crisp, refreshing and went down perfect on a warm summer’s night with some ice. Nowadays, cider is just lolli-water to me and I tend to swing the other way when it’s around. Beer to many is an acquired taste. That is exactly how I became the fond lover of the yeast drink I am today. It is all about repetition and forcing yourself not to hate it. Just trying to get past the taste is the first step but once you have done that then it actually goes down quite well.

I would like to blame my current job as a bartender to the fact that I now live for a good session with my mates. We just sit around and sip on the stuff, although my tastes have definitely swayed in the last few years. I went from a light, cheap and easy to drink taste of beer, (e.g. Corona or other ‘piss’ drinks) to a now more refined taste that incorporates all forms of craft beer. Well, actually that’s a lie. I don’t like every single style of beer but I no longer crumple my face and screw up my nose at the thought of trying a beer that’s a littler darker or a contains more hops and fruit.
There are many reasons why I changed preferences and why I’m glad I did, a couple include;

  1. Wider variety

    The range of beers compared to ciders/spirits is astronomically larger! Beer comes in many shapes and forms; Lager, Pale Ale, Ale, Dark, Stout, Pilsner, Fruity just to name a few. The amount of craft beer and micro-breweries that pop up every so often just add to the already miles long list. There are options to suit every mood and event. Hosting a party? Cheap, easy to drink international beers. In Australia, a party beer staple would the classic West End, VB or even Hahn Super Dry. On occasion there would be Coopers, and no, us Aussies DO NOT like Fosters at all…

  2. Everybody drinks beer in some form or another

    When you get to University or College, beer is the dominating drink that every student drinks, even if you don’t like it. You go out to the pub with a bunch of mates after your classes, what do they order? A jug of beer. Yes, some people may be a little more classy and get a glass of Red or White but the majority just sip away at beer.
    Many an afternoon I’ve wandered down to the local pub and got a pint, even if it’s a beer I don’t like, I would still drink it because…well…It’s beer!

  3. It’s perfect for drinking games

    You ever rock up to a party where the game of the night involves lots of drinking? Yeah, most parties… anyway, with beer, it’s easy to measure how many drinks you’ve consumed that night. Spirits or wine on the other-hand will guarantee you to get you a little too drunk too quickly, especially if you have to drink quickly and a lot!
    Have you ever played spirit-pong? Didn’t think so, or if you have, you barely remember playing it. Can you imagine drinking spirits the way one would drink beer in that game?!? Yes people may pour less and potentially mix it with soft drink but that’s just another hassle in itself.

    Now, all this talk of beer has got me a little thirsty. I’m thinking I might end this blog here and just crack open a cold one and enjoy the Summer sunshine while I can.
    Please comment your favourite drink and any beer cocktails you can think of. After St Patrick’s Day, I have just been in the mood for Guinness…Lord have mercy.

    Thank you for tuning in to Barely Bloggin’, beer edition…Can’t promise this will be the last alcohol related blog…


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