Let’s Get Physical and Mental

You don’t have to be an athlete to play sport. Yes it helps if you have some form of hand-eye coordination and balance but there is always something for someone. I wouldn’t be an expert at identifying what it is like to not be great at sports. Luckily for me, I was born into a sporting family and I just had a knack for some things. I was that annoying kid in P.E at school that just excelled at the sport, no matter what it was. There were times where I could play the game better than those that actually trained. That isn’t the case for everyone though. Have you ever seen someone try so hard to throw a tennis ball but it just goes no where? Imagine being that kid. In the past, this trait of not being physically gifted was quite the stigma and some instances, a curse. It meant you weren’t good enough to make the best team or you couldn’t hang out with the ‘jocks’. Nowadays, academics and non-sporting related subjects are getting much higher praise. This is perfect!

What world would we live in if everyone was good at sport yet no one knew how to cure someone? Yes it’s great to be entertained by professional athletes and seeing the new heights they’re setting in their field but where would they be without the advancement of technology created by the nerds! Nerds are cool, nerds help make the world go round. Unfortunately, I was a jock in the wrong time, we thought we were the best, we teased the nerds. We did this on countless occasions just because they didn’t have the physical attributes like we did.

Let me tell you something…Smart is the new sexy! Yes strong is sexy, muscles are attractive but have you ever met someone who knows what they’re talking about? Someone who understands the complexities of life and can explain them to you without treating you like a child. Well I have and let me just say… WOWEE! When buff meets brain, your life is changed. They open so many doors and help you understand the topic you’re interested in. Yes, you can just sit there and read through textbooks and articles until your eyes bleed but how much of that went through one ear and out the next? Hearing it from an intellectual who can break it down and simplify it for you makes that painful grind sound fun. It’s especially beneficial when they can use relatable examples.
My Economics lecturer has a habit of using Beer and Pizza as examples and I tell ya, I have never understood a topic so well as I have Economics.

I wish I had more knowledge, I wish I was wiser and had the wits and brain of some people I know. I do like being able to run twice as fast as people and jump twice as high but whats that without knowing how to improve. You can run for days on end but unless you actually sit down and learn on how to improve your run, you’ll never get better. Eventually technology and people will catch up to you and sadly, you will end up being just another brick in that massive wall.

Like I said, I’m no expert at understanding or learning new things but from my experience, you have to push yourself to learn. Knowledge isn’t going to come knocking on your front door one day just waiting to fuel your mind. Knowledge is out there running around, being free and forever expanding. The option is up to you to chase it! You gotta grab knowledge by the balls and squeeze all you can out of them! (Sorry for the graphic metaphor)

In short, don’t worry too much about it if you can’t lift 100kg/225lbs or run 100m like Usain Bolt. Just sit down, relax, read a book or a blog (mine) and explore all that knowledge has to offer. You never know, the next page you turn might have the answer you’ve been searching for…

Stay active, mentally and physically.

Barely Bloggin’



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