Barely Bargains!

Ok, life is tough for a University student, we study full-time, try to work enough to support our partying habits and then also sustain a social life. All this can be a bit of a hassle at times, especially when massive assignments come out and we have to reduce our work hours to fit in the extra workload. It is stressful stuff to say the least!

That is why I am a bit of a prude with my money, I know times get tough and there will be weeks where I don’t work and earn next to nothing. It’s frustrating because I finish the assignment and all I want to do is celebrate but I didn’t work and therefore I am left celebrating with old crackers and cheese…Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some hard crackers and odd smelling cheese, but let’s be honest, who could resist a pub meal or a nice fresh cheese and fruit platter?! Not me that’s for sure. That’s why being smart with your money is essential, especially when it’s scarce and budgeting only allows the essentials.

I was an old-fashioned student, I used to go into the University ran bookstore and buy my textbooks and utensils at full price. I was a sucker for convenience. I would go in and realise I needed new workbooks. What would I do? Just wander over and pay a premium for some mediocre book that I really didn’t need straight away.
This was all good and well for a while, but then everything got more expensive and I was still earning the same or I was working less. Something had to change. Either I had to work more, ew no thanks, or I had to find ways around paying top dollar for these books. I wasn’t about to let myself fall behind because I couldn’t afford them… Like I said in my earlier posts, I am far from an intellectual. I needed all the help I could get.

Soooooo what did I do? What any sane and normal person has been doing for the past few years. I hit the inter-webs and browsed countless websites for cheaper alternatives. Boy, let me not get into detail some of the strange and concerning things you can come across while searching for cheap things… Too many people wanted to sell their books for ‘services’. I think I might stick with the preferred medium of exchange in this case folks, sorry to disappoint.

Where’d I go? The usual places; Textbook4Textbook, Facebook groups for swap&trade or selling pages. I had this odd misconception that I believed websites like Gumtree or EBAY were going to be more expensive than some bookstores because of the Auctions that go on. Golly, how wrong I was… These places are an absolute wonderland for bargains! Yes somethings are considerably more expensive such as alcohol (beer unfortunately) but for the majority, I was pleasantly surprised.

I managed to squeeze a win in an auction for one of my textbooks for a ripper deal of $30!! I seriously couldn’t believe it. Had I just purchased a $100 textbook for only $30?!? I was so ecstatic, I had to keep searching. I was in the zone, a spending frenzy zone that couldn’t be stopped…Until I got the great idea of selling old stuff myself. I know many “Quick cash at home” or “Making money online” sites have EBAY as one of their main sources of income and quite rightly. I used to be a gamer, like most young boys these days. I didn’t really have a close connection to my old PS3 and its games so guess where they went? That’s right, straight to the EBAY! It took a while but I managed to get some cash for it.

Another thing I love EBAY for is the obvious deals they put up, they just entice you into wondering what else they have. What other mysterious treasures can I capture today. My favourite thing to do when I get home is to check out , this link will bring you to Daily Deals on eBay | Best deals and Free Shipping | eBay Deals. As mentioned before, I am a prude with my money so when I find iTunes gift cards selling for $40 when the amount on the card is $50, I get on that! Imagine the christmas presents you could accumulate for your family.

Gift cards are a funny thing. My partner received $150 in iTunes cards and she didn’t need them because well, everyone ‘legally’ downloads songs these days. What did she do? She posted them on EBAY and her community selling wall for $120 and almost within 24 hours, someone wanted to buy them! Saving $30 for yourself whilst also becoming the favourite sibling or parent by gifting them a hefty present. It’s a win-win situation for everyone really.

So what are you waiting for?? Get out there and start saving money whilst also satisfying that spending craving we all know you get!


Barely Bloggin’


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