Easter Excitement!

Ahhh yes, it is almost that time of the year again where I eat twice my body weight in chocolate eggs and don’t feel bad about it.. Easter. It is the perfect excuse to spend the weekend sitting around and demolishing eggs, bunnies and other various forms of chocolate you can get your hands on!

For some, Easter isn’t a huge deal. That’s fair enough, being related to Jesus and what not, this sort of Holiday might not tickle people’s fancy. Even if you aren’t religious, I’m not, complete opposite actually, it’s just nice having a weekend where you can have some quality family time and absolutely pig out.

If you have a big family like I do then you know things can get a little stressful and over the top! That’s why you need some back-up plans for when things get a little out of hand or if they’re annoying mum too much. What I like to do is create some Easter themed presents. I’m not creative or imaginative by any stretch of the imagination but I am always down for some colouring in. Especially if it is themed. That’s why this year, seeing as it’s going to be a little cooler, I think I might convince the little kids to help me create some little sweaters for the eggs. Everyone loves Easter crafts, when Dad opens the fridge and sees that his breakfast eggs have faces and hair drawn on and a cute little sweater…. I reckon that will put him in a good mood! Perfect to sit back with the old man and have a beer and some chocolate while watching the Football.

My favourite part about Easter is actually catching up with my Partner and her family. Last year we did a massive egg hunt around the backyard and being the competitive people we are, made a challenge out of it. The person with the most eggs gathered at the end got to take the first bite out of the bunny! The first bite is always the biggest and therefore every year I get a little ahead of myself and try really hard to win…
Being a young adult around this time isn’t so bad, my parents do still host easter egg hunts and I get a nice small collection of your cheap and tacky eggs just for the purpose of celebrating Easter but I also now get some nicer and fancier stuff. Grown up Easter is starting to look a lot better believe it or not! You get nicer more gourmet chocolate, some nice chocolate beer and sometimes a cute little hamper.  It’s really a win-win situation during Easter.

What are your plans during Easter? Do you celebrate it? Is it just another weekend for you? Let me know. Let me know how big your Easter egg haul is! Hopefully you win the hunt and get all the chocolates for yourself! Remember, it’s a time for family and relaxing. Take the time out of your busy or even not so busy schedule and just sit back and enjoy the time.

Thank you for tuning in,
Barely Bloggin’


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